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Beautiful Presenter Sound

More about Presenter

Presenter (the artist name with the meaning of "person who present with music"), through the performance of classical music by an electric guitar, "beautifully clear tone," to completely overturn the general concept of the electric guitar. In 2000, he started his music activities.


In our surroundings, a great deal of music is playing everywhere. - TV, Radio, Stores, Public Facilities, Open Spaces, etc. "Listening to favorite music." "Listening to music casually" or "Music comes into the ear from around"... - Even if the situation of listening to music is different, we are always influenced by it. We, however, are defenseless against music.

Whether we are conscious or not, we are under that influence. Music is influential, so we need to be more careful when we choose. "Quality music" is essential, especially for the emotional education and healthy growth of young people. Many people are unknowingly affected by the vibration of the energy of music.

Considering the influence of music on us seriously, we should be more careful to choose and listen to music. The energy of vibrations of the music accumulates in our brains over time, and this wave energy eventually affects the thinking ability, judgment ability, and emotion processing ability.

Unfortunately, few people consider it quite a significant matter.

Many people are interested in, agree with, stand up to the global environmental issues visible, and are appearing as actual results on the earth. Those who are shouting and taking action on "global environmental issues" are passionate and making an effort to solve the specific problems and conditions on the surface. However, what they are doing seems not to get anywhere at all.


"Good Quality Music" in "Good Music Environment" brings joy, harmony, richness, energy to people's hearts in their everyday living.

Music has the power to change people's consciousness. Music is one of the important elements to make society better, and it is also a source for creating a much better world. Therefore, the musicians' role is very important, and they are responsible for the music they play.

Presenter Sound

Presenter (the artist's name) plays all instrument parts of each Full Score of Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra with Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Guitar Synthesizer. He plays Brass instruments, Woodwind instruments, Piano, Harp, Chorus, etc. via Guitar Synthesize.

Presenter's Music - One-Person Orchestra, same as 32 - 64 members of an orchestra are performing.

Presenter wants to express the profundity and elegance of classical music he plays with a kind of modernity.

Presenter's guitar performance is an unusual and very special style. Most people must not have heard such a guitar sound before. Each piece, while sounding unarranged, is a very creative arrangement, but it does not detract from the image or tone of the original piece.

Presenter is sending his new style and new sound music all over the world.

The main melody played by the presenter on the lead guitar is the warp, and the innovative chord development and arrangement is the weft, beautifully weaving together new classical music - the presenter's sound - that will always resonate gently in your heart.

It would be a great pleasure for Presenter the music could heal people's minds, and it could bring joy to people. He is sending his music to people all over the world. He wants to convey his thought about "Music" and his philosophy as a musician.

Presenter would be glad if this "New Classical Music" could be a trigger that leads people to Classical Music.

Presenter Sound - Melody, Rhythm, Harmony - exactly becomes a trinity and sounds beautifully in people's hearts.

Human beings have an "internal rhythm" that he feels the most comfortable tempo for him. Presenter attaches great importance to this internal rhythm. Presenter's music does not deviate from the human internal rhythm.

Presenter is playing music with this basic rhythm and tempo. Music full of life energy, that is Presenter Sound - Presenter Music.

Presenter plays the electric guitars wholeheartedly. His rich sensibility creates the finest vibrations, and it becomes high-quality energy.

Presenter Sound that flows out from the music will bring joy to people. The beautiful harmony will be sounding in their hearts. And then, Presenter Sound will be helpful to the brain for activation.

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